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  • … the workshop’s activity in exposing information and making it accessible is critical… there is a saying that ‘sunlight is the best of disinfectants’…

    Miki Rozenthal
    Member of the Knesset, the Labor Party
  • The Workshop has both ability and experience in making information public in a friendly, detailed way. This effectively promotes open government in Israel …

    Alona Vinograd
    Alona Vinograd
    The Movement For FOI
  • … the more transparency the more democracy. Open Knesset makes valuable information accessible and transparent …

    Ophir Akounis
    Deputy Minister Ophir Akounis
    the Likud Party
  • … without the workshop many journalists would have given up on digging in databases, and the data would have never reached the public…

    Shaul Amsterdamski
    Shaul Amsterdamski
    Senior Economic Correspondent at “Calcalist”
  • The Public Knowledge Workshop is very important for any journalist in Israel… it makes accessible information that would otherwise have required a sisyphean effort of many hours…

    Shaul Amsterdamski
    Shaul Amsterdamski
    Senior Economic Correspondent at “Calcalist”
  • … the point isn’t getting the data, it is to process it. You can’t get any insight from a 1,000 page pdf document if the search function doesn’t work. This is why the Public Knowledge Workshop has a super important role…

    Raviv Druker
    Raviv Druker
    Senior Correspondent at Channel 10
  • … the grass roots pressure that the workshop applies on the government.. helps the bureaucracy and politicians internalize the importance of open public information and to implement it…

    Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler
    Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler
    Senior researcher at the Israeli Democracy Institute

The Public Knowledge Workshop

Also known as “Hasadna”, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that makes Israeli governmental data openly accessible on the internet, along with other data of public interest, ultimately making it easier for the public to meaningfully engage with it.

Opening such data makes it easier for Israeli citizens to monitor their government and openly discuss its activities, based on hard facts.

In turn, this informed debate can help citizens participate in the democratic process.

Moreover, opening information of public interest may also encourage accountability in the government and in other organizations, such as political parties, co-ops, pension funds and more.

Join us!

Activists at the Public Knowledge Workshop come from a variety of backgrounds, from programming experts and graphic designers to researchers in the social sciences.

We believe that by working together and learning from each other, we can innovate our way to a better civic discourse in Israel. Plus, we have a lot of fun in the process.

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We work closely with related open government organizations elsewhere in the world, such as the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), the Sunlight Foundation and Code for America.