A new democracy is emerging.

To build it from scratch we need construction workers: programmers, users, designers and thinkers.

In 2012 Israel, there are still people who genuinely care. More than you’d expect. There are also honest, hard working politicians and elected officials who devote their time to promote the agenda for which they were elected.

Today, we can finally connect these two groups – Open Party is an open source system which can be used by all parties, and will encourage a new type of public-driven elected officials devote their time to their voting public, while engaging in open transparent discussion with them. We believe that the nature of this dialogue will prove to be a new basis for their political actions, and will, in turn, win back the public’s trust in its representatives. This has the potential to profoundly change the nature of Israeli Politics.

We have even better news – the foundations have been laid. The evens of last summer (and it seems that this summer is going to be no different…) have proven to us that there is a chance for change. Politicians, as well as the general public, are more open to listening. Now is the time to act: our goal is to develop the Open Party system on a schedule that will enable existing or new parties to adopt it in time for the next elections.

If you’re as excited as we are, please read the Principles Document and join our discussion forum.

We need help in several aspects:

  • Developers and designers for the development team.
  • Social and political activists, representatives of existing parties (or new ones) to join the steering committee, to help define the Open Party System to answer concrete requirements.


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