Anyone who believes in the need for public knowledge is welcome to volunteer at the Workshop.  Your volunteering even an hour a week (remotely or at our group meetings) will help expedite a new era of transparency and participatory democracy.

The Public Knowledge Workshop is a largely volunteer organization, and it welcomes software mavericks, designers, writers, editors, educators and others. We welcome you to join us as a volunteer in any project that you feel a connection with. Please be in touch with us, or send us ideas for new projects and take part in our discussion group.

Volunteers are invited to join us every Monday night at the Google Campus, 98 Yigal Alon Street, Tel-Aviv, from 18:00 (until the last one leaves!)

We’re are also looking for volunteers in a variety of areas:

And the list continues to grow. If you love writing code and learning new tools, our code is on github…fork away!

  • Interface design and graphic design – we put together a design team and gave them a challenging mission: to lead a design- directed process in an open code project. Good designers (who are also nice people) are invited to the design team’s weekly meeting at Google Campus, floor#26, every Monday evening from 18:00  again, until the last person leaves.
  • Post writing – if you have a blog and you wrote a post about public knowledge, we’d love to read it and if it fits, post it on our blog. Simply send the first paragraph and a link to our group and our editors will respond.
  • Tagging – Open Knesset rakes in quite a large amount of formal information from the Knesset every day. We need your help to tag it. For example, proposed legislation bills.
  • Editing agendas – the agenda application makes it possible to maintain a list of bills that support or oppose a certain agenda and to receive the ranking of the MKs and parties according to their support. Agenda maintenance requires more than two hours per week therefore it’s open to veteran users and NGOs. If you want to start an agenda, talk to Alon  (we copied the idea from the United Kingdom).
  • Taking initiative – the Open Knesset site enables anyone to export proposed legislation bills into any site and the Open Budget exports any budget clause.
  • Government relations – advocating transparency according the eight principles and public involvement in the Knesset and government. If you’re experienced in the field and even if you’re “green”, but it looks like an interesting thing to do, talk to Yuval.
  • Training – if you love to train, we’d be happy for you to help us develop online training program for our projects. Talk to Esti.
  • Education – building lesson plans and education programs (classroom and distant learning) in civic sciences and civic activism, democracy education, economics, government and politics, and more… as well as marketing them to educational institutions and presenting them in the classrooms. Contact Ido.
  • Liberating databases – if you know of any public database that is not actually accessible to the public or is only partly accessible and you’re interested in joining the effort to liberate it, add a listing to this file.

If you have thought of a different way in which you would like to contribute, please join our discussion group and present your ideas.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us and we’ll get back to you!

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