A procedure for classification and integration of new projects into The Public Knowledge Workshop

The Workshop for Public Knowledge consists of projects and initiatives that originate inside and outside The Workshop.

Such projects share a common aim: to strengthen the public’s access to government data, enhance transparency of public institutions and encourage public participation. The process of classifying and integrating a new project into The Workshop bears a great importance for The Workshop and as such requires significant time and effort from Workshop employees and volunteers, as well as a dedicated budget for planning and a transparent process which involves stakeholders and potential funders.

The procedure for integrating a new project into The Workshop:

Stage 1: Preparation

The initiator of the project is directed to the General Secretary [and two board members?], who will provide guidance in order to transform the initial application to a feasible project.

The Secretary and Board Members will have the discretion to outrightly reject the initiative which does not match The Workshop’s strategy and goals;

such a rejection and its reasons will be published openly.

The initiator will have the right of appeal to the Project Leader Forum. Once a project is ready for review, it will be forwarded to the Project Leaders’ Forum.

Responsibility: The General Secretary.

Stage 2: Classification

After an initial review by the Project Leader Forum, the initiator will present the project to the Forum in greater detail. The Forum will then classify the project according to required resources, urgency and maturity to one of the following categories:

1)    Level 0 – Immature. Project will be redirected back to Stage 1 for a more thorough preparation.

2)    Level 1 – Project will added to The Workshop, and will be recommended for funding by The Workshop’s board.

3)    Level 2 – Project is very mature / urgent; it will be recommended for funding by The Workshop’s board.

The Project Leader Forum will recommend funding by the Workshop’s Board, which in turn will redirect existing funding to the project if possible, as well as plan for securing funds for the project (e.g. applying for grants).

Responsibility: Project Leaders.

Stage 3: Prioritization and Approval

The Board decides on prioritization of the different projects that are active in The Workshop, as well as approves changes to resources allocated to every project.

The Approval Documents be used as directives for execution by The Workshop’s CEO.
At this stage, the project is integrated by The Workshop, and its leader joins the Leaders’ Forum as its representative.

Responsibility: The Board.